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Who is the "Inner self"?

Bijgewerkt: 5 nov 2020

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

A few days ago I was cooking a meal on my stovetop when I noticed one of the buttons was loose. I turn it, trying to turn off the stovetop when it flies out of the socket, followed by a giant, orange flame. It disappeared again right after but then I remembered. Two days before this incident I had a nightmare that one of the buttons exploded and the explosion had burned through the stovetop and the fridge beneath it. Obviously, the real explosion wasn't that severe. Still, clearly, a part of me knew it was going to happen. My inner self tried to warn me for the malfunctioning stovetop. This is something you might have heard of, or maybe it has happened to you. Maybe you've had an inexplicable gut feeling about someone, or something you've never seen before just looked so familiar. If you don't practice any spiritual crafts or follow any spiritual religions, you probably have no idea what it could mean. When I was a kid, for a week long I dreamed every night that my dad would throw up. At the end of the week, he actually did. I figured I must have picked up on something that told me he was getting sick. This interaction of perceiving subconscious information and having it communicated back to you, is what some call the "Inner self". Even if you're not religious, understanding the inner self can help you understand what you need to practice proper selfcare, and might explain a few things about yourself. In the simplest possible way explained, the inner self could be considered the identity of your subconscious; that what holds all the information you've received, but not actively observed. However, I'd argue that the inner self is an entity. We perceive everything our eyes and ears catch. You might walk through a park and not remember seeing a squirrel in the grass, but subconsciously you still did, and your inner self did pick up on it. The Inner self is the identity to that subconscious, the gut feeling, the voice in your head that warns you something is off, that what knows someone is staring at you, without you looking directly at the person. And when I say identity, I don't mean personality. Some say the inner self compares to what psychology calls the id, the part of us that's connected to our natural instinct and our primitive needs. Freud's theory splits off to the spiritual aspect of humanity, when spirituality suggests that the inner self is in essence the sensory recipient of the id, the emotional world around the id. How does it communicate? As for me and the stove top, odds are I must have seen that the button was slightly off, or when it wasn't quite as wiggly I may have felt it was loose without consciously feeling it. Maybe I watched my partner cook and registered the button was off. One way or another my inner self knew the stove was breaking and it communicated it back to me. It's believed that the most common ways your inner self talks to you is your through dreams, but it also might explain some behaviours that you otherwise don't pay attention to. You might leave something important in plain sight, so that you're reminded of it when you see it again, even if you didn't consciously choose to leave it there. A "Freudian slip" is when you do or say something else than what you meant to do, because what "slipped out" is what you actually feel. This is where Freud's idea of our subconscious and the Inner self cross paths. There are many known and unknown ways to connect with your subconscious, some proven methods like hypnosis and meditation, some maybe a little more controversial like dreams. If it's "just" your subconscious, then why is it considered magical? What makes something magical or spiritual, isn't if it can be explained, but what it can do for you. It isn't just a good way to perceive the world around you in a new way, the inner self knows more about you, than you do. If you connect with your subconscious, it can tell you what you need to feel better. Your inner self knows why you're hurt, and thus knows how to heal. If you're ever lost, hurting and you can't figure out why, or something just feels off, pay attention to your dreams, look for the signs, the clues you have left behind for yourself. Connect with yourself, you never know what you might discover.

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