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Yesterday was a very exciting day for me and the website. I opened my inbox to find my first comment submission. Granted, it was from one of my best friends, and all she wrote was "Hi." Still, it got me so excited, it always starts with one, and her submission actually perfectly ties in with the next thing I wanted to talk about. I am not a poet, nor will I ever believe that I am a (good) poet, poetry is not my focus, but those who talk to me daily know that whenever I have thoughts bubbling in my mind I do randomly scribble down rhymes to express those. And then some of you know how my mind works. Especially during summer break, when I was a little more separated from my closest friends, I've felt how much their support has affected me. I think many of you can relate to how incredibly important it is to have people around you who cheer you on and keep you grounded. We have all those friendships that go on forever without speaking a word, but do take a moment to look around and thank those that are still around, God knows it's rare these days. Below a rhyme for this post's theme.

Six voices, each a different tone, where they all come from, that’s for no one but them to know.
Superheroes don’t wear capes, but damn do they fly, when earth is a hellfire he will fly across the sky.
And when velocity pushes down there’s a place to fall back on, When a fall is too soft it cannot bounce you up to help you go on.
After all they’re like ground and air, but they’ll both sing when there’s a harmony to share.
Six voices, each speak a different plea, what they all have to say, they’d tell you listening is free.
Quiet waters hold the deepest grounds, and when it cries it echoes heart-breaking sounds.
And sometimes when someone answers every call, they tend to forget the most important call of them all.
But where the world can’t tell the lightening from the thunder, they would hear an echo and hope to answer it before it goes under.
Six voices, each sing a different song, to understand what they truly say, is a matter of singing along.
When she stares into the darkness, he can tell her to never forget who you are, and when he is too busy gazing down, she will remind him to look at every star.
And where he can see every crack and fault as a time to worry, she will remind him that you start with a crack to tell a story.
And where anyone else would rise before they fall, their circling hearts will help them rise above it all.
Six lives, one word, it is spoken every time they step up, if you want to know what it is, all you have to do is watch when they show you how they stay at the top.
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