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Reality vs. Perspective.

Bijgewerkt: 6 apr 2020

A thing I often say is that "things are as real as they feel", which is basically a really vague way of saying things are a matter of perspective. Not that long ago I went out of my way to confront someone who had hurt me and angered me, only to find out he was just as hurt and angry as me. Listening to his retelling of what happened, I heard a completely different story from mine. Now mind you, I still believe he was wrong, from -my- perspective :). But it did get me thinking again on how good we are at shaping our stories and experiences to our own benefit and believe, to make it fit in a way it makes sense to us, or in this case, to justify anger. Things are as real as they feel, as in if we, for whatever reason, believe something to be a way, they can feel as if it's true. Now mind you, justifying things you may have done wrong, justifying your anger, or simply trying to make sense out of something that does not make sense, are not the only reasons to "reshape" reality. We do it very often, especially when it's about the past. What can, other than other people's perspectives, ever confirm or deny what happened, other than your telling of the past. After all, their reality could be just as wrong as yours! On a more psychological level it becomes even more confusing and maybe even a little scary. Where we can choose to remember something differently because it suits us better or because it makes it easier to deal with, we can also end up reshaping the present. At the end, our mind is programmed to build ourselves a reality where things make sense, to be settled in a logic that allows us to understand what we see and find structure. It can help us deal with situations better, it can help us find patterns and organise our lives, it can help us shape our frame of reference. Often, it can make us delusional, to some weird extremes! But if you believe it's real, and reality is dictated by perspective, then how truly "unreal" is our perspective? We agree about what's real, but as we often wonder when we argue one another, is something -not- real because someone else says so? This is a game of psychology I definitely love playing with in my stories, where characters perceive the world the way they believe it is, and because of that, find out their obstacles were self made. Sounds familiar? Love, Terri x

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