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Poetry: Drowsy at the doctor's

Bijgewerkt: 7 aug 2020

I went to the doctor and said I couldn't sleep.

They asked if I go to bed on time.

Yes, a strict schedule is what I keep.

"Have you cut out caffeine, sugar and spice?"

Ma'am all I eat these days is yogurt and rice.

"But do you turn your lights off and stay away from screens?"

The only entertainment I get are from my disturbed short dreams.

I've also tried reading, a new pillow and deeper breathing,

I've drank all the sleep teas and tried that new fancy herb,

Quite frankly all it's done so far is giving me hiccups and burps.

And before you ask: yes, I close my curtains, open my windows, and keep electronics away.

And even with a mask and fresh sheets I still lay awake.

I exercise to tire myself and then I'm too tired to sleep,

If I bore my brain I am too drained, but a racing mind keeps on the light.

And if I talk to someone the conversations just get too deep.

Honestly whatever you suggest I've probably tried it.

Whatever else you have I won't mind it.

But doctor tell me you have an answer for me today.

But I can already read from your face you don't know what to say.

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