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My plans for the near future, reasons to be excited.

This is a little bit of a follow-up on the previous blog post. I like to share more information about the projects I’m working on because it lets you know what you can expect in the coming time. But also because I simply like to talk about it! In the previous post, I talked about my Light in The Darkness project, and this is about finding joy in today’s daily life where everything has become complicated. At the start of my endeavours, my focus will lie on finishing some writing material that has been calling for me. Not to mention, there is a “coming soon” section on the “about me” page that requires filling up. Some of this is probably just some rewritten older work but also some new short stories and I’ve also been excited about starting a new fictional project. This is an idea specifically for the blog, and something I will soon tell you more about. I also finished writing an article for a client about my visit to South-Africa. Tomorrow, my client will receive the final product, which means hopefully I’ll soon have a link or place to show how my work is being used. The article is about the colourful, sunny adventure I had driving across the shoreline, exploring, hiking and visiting new places. It aims to show that South-Africa can feel like a familiar place, especially to Europeans, considering the historical connection. I will also write an article specifically for my own blog, to talk about topics that maybe didn’t support the other article’s goal. This article will be accompanied by an impression-video that adds the visual to the written word. And speaking of vlogging, I did talk about creating videos, vlogs, perhaps gaming videos and things of that nature. Setting up for these projects turns out to be a challenge if you don’t have the resources for it, but creativity knows no bounds. I’ve been dying for an excuse to replay some of my favourite

games, and creating narrative videos is a great excuse. My first series will be a nostalgic run through some of the classics, that busy ol’ me never got around to play. As for a daily vlog, or a more personal vlog, I’m yet to figure out how such a thing could be interesting in the world’s current situation, especially if doing it alone. But all in due time! I am mostly excited to start designing things like stickers, banners, logos. I have found the resources to start making intro’s, tunes, loops, and start building a stable home around my brand, brick for brick. There are still a lot of vague ideas swirling through my brain that simply don’t have a place in my timeline yet! I think the biggest challenge to these kinds of projects is committing: be consistent and passionate, but don’t burn out. I am committed to posting on my blog every Tuesday and Thursday. What kind of post days and frequency I will commit to for other platforms, I still have to think about. Let’s see if I have even have what it takes to resume Youtube. I hope to see you on my social platforms, make sure to scroll down and subscribe to the blog to stay up-to-date with all my projects! Love, Terri x.

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