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Fiction my nonfiction

Bijgewerkt: 6 apr 2020

When people think about "non-fiction", generally people think about books applicable to real life, like cookbooks, self-help books, religious books (debatable category) and educational books. You know, not stories. Very often reality based novels or true story inspired books are wrongly placed in the fiction section, where we in turn deal with the question of fantasy vs. realistic. During my hiatus, I explored the section that is called non-fiction, because between the "ten step" books and the "how to live your life" books peeks a fascinating, underrepresented section called "creative non-fiction". An amazing opportunity to talk about your point of view in the most colourful way you can imagine, to share your perspective on a true story, and to be able to explain how you experienced something to the best of your abilities. Initially, this section seemed straight forward, but when I took a crack at it I came eye to eye with the possibilities to mercilessly drag other people into my head, without having to do it through fictional examples. Which can be scary, when you write, it is terrifying to show a part of your soul and explain how you feel, but I've always believed that if it's scary to share, very likely the public will love it. Exploring my new love for nonfiction, I present to you, a piece of my heart. [to be updated]

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