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Calories are bad, people...

Bijgewerkt: 6 apr 2020

Calories are bad people,

Quick, they're jumping in your mouth, people.

One crisp, two crisp, shit I'm full,

It's okay, I'll just skip a meal, that's 500 calories less lol.

I mean, you don't need those empty calories, what do you even use them for?

They maintain your reserves, your muscles and so much more,

they keep your bones strong and maintain your hair...

No wonder I've been seeing loose strands everywhere.

Skip skip, another meal left empty,

it's fine, my stomach isn't growling so it isn't empty.

Who cares what the package says,

I still have 5 gram fat left to have.

They tell me less is more,

it's advice I won't ignore!

Look how little I had today,

they tell me it's better that way.

Choose your salad over your chicken,

salad has less calories so less way for me to thicken.

My doctor says I need at least 2000 a day,

but I confuse minimum and maximum in some weird way.

Maybe it's because my brain is shutting down,

I can't think straight, it's probably the sugary coke I washed down.

Who knew that calories isn't fat, calories isn't carbs,

less calories means there's less to maintain you for you who are.

Calories won't break you down, they build you up,

balance, maintain and make sure your intake is burned up.

I can't tell who's been feeding me the nonsense of calories are bad,

But enjoy your piece of apple pie, after that you still have 1700 calories left to have. 14/09/2019

The number 1 advice people get when they want to lose weight is "decrease your calorie intake" (and excersize more).

While in the very general basics this is true, it's not that black and white, and people go to their extremes to do it. And I'm not specifically talking about eating disorders, that's a whole other can of worms that is not my place to open. I'm talking about the lot who go through their day having consumed between 700 and 1000 calories, call it a healthy day, yet can't figure out why they can't reach their goal weight. Meanwhile they're tired, unmotivated and then end up snacking cause their body is screaming for more intake. Somehow somewhere in time someone started whispering that calories equals all the reasons you're fat. Stop the idea that calories are bad, calories are good, having enough calories is good. Calories are good. Take care of yourself. Love, Terri x

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