Passion and Goals:

I've spent my whole life writing fiction novels or short stories. My main genre is YA/fantasy, but not in the traditional sense. Some work could be considered Sci-Fi or fantasy, but often the fantasy part is the psychological mind of the main character fooling them.
Since middle school, I've been interested in behavioural psychology and mental wellbeing. Most of my YA writing work involves the protagonist's own mind as their antagonist or obstacle. I believe that in nearly everything in life, perspective is important, and that reading someone else's stories is the best way to gain new ones. I wouldn't know any better way than to write mine down.

Despite an archive of work, I'm yet to complete a manuscript that I thought was good enough to be send to a publisher. After all, writing is a marathon, not a race.

School has been quite the journey. I never experienced Dutch schools as encouraging or as a creative outlet. In the wake of the 2007 crisis, I was told I should keep writing as a hobby, and do something sustainable instead. 
Doing a course that involved psychology made sense. I dabbled one year in university to become a social worker. We dealt with subjects like psychology, specifically social psychology and development psychology, but also conflict management, mediation and communication. I loved the subjects, but couldn't see myself enjoy the job itself. 
After that, to pursue my writing goals, I got my English Proficiency certificate, and I still aspire to earn more language certificates.
Attracted to science and mostly micro-biology, I studied Applied Science for a little while, thinking a combination of a full-time researcher and parttime writer would be the definition of sustainable. This was the phase of my life that I realized I strayed too far from my goal, and I had to touch base again.
I now  study IT at school and graphic design at home. I relate these to writing because I believe they will provide me the skill I need to be self-employed, and thus allowing myself to control what I do for once. 

Overall, everything I have done so far has contributed in it's own way to my skills as a writer.
Skills and experience:
I finished my first original manuscript at the age of twelve, and since then I've built over ten years worth of writing experience. As an aspiring author and self-taught writer, I actively study Creative Writing daily to fine tune my skills and refine my knowledge.
Over time I've written articles like reviews, interviews and charity pieces for both school and on voluntary basis for magazines like Art is Alive.
However, for writing I spend most of my time on the blog, short stories and manuscripts for novels.

Other interests:
Combining what I talk about on my blog and my love for psychology, I am working towards a new Youtube series that connects my love for spirituality and the psychology of mental health. I am already on Youtube with gaming videos, but that is just for fun and giggles.

What I do now:
I am working on a new fiction manuscript.
I am working on a fictional series for the blog.
I publish on Medium through the partner program.
I create visual art and designs, more about this will soon come to my website.
I'm in my last year of an IT Associate Degree course. 

Other mentions:
In poetry I won first place at Rotterdam's art gallery in 2010, however I'll honestly admit that poetry is not something I excel at.
I've recently been published in a dutch poetry anthology for the Elly-Blom award as contestant.

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Here you can read some short stories that I upload or find links to published work for you to check out!

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